May 15-17, 2019

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

Southeast Asia Nonwovens and Disposable Hygiene Technology Exhibition & Conference

Organized by:
E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc.
Supported by:
Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA)
All Nippon Nonwovens Association (ANNA)
Indonesian Nonwovens Association (INWA)
Taiwan Nonwovens Fabrics Industry Association (TNFIA)
Hong Kong Nonwovens Association (HKNA)
Thai Man-Made Fiber Industries Association (TMFA)
Thai Textile Merchants Association
The Association of Thai Textile Bleaching Dyeing Printing and Finishing Industries

ANDTEX 2019 is the event where nonwovens and engineered materials producers, researchers, users, and industry leaders from around the world gather to explore the wealth of new business opportunities for nonwovens and disposable hygiene products in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is comprised of 11 countries including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, with a combined population of 640 million people. More than 10 million new babies are born each year, the female population amounts to 300 million, and the aging/elderly population is 40 million.

Current nonwovens production capacity is inadequate to satisfy consumer demand in the region, particularly for spunlaced nonwoven products, which are not manufactured in Thailand or in Southeast Asia.

Many nonwoven fabrics, and the production equipment and raw materials required to manufacture disposable hygiene products must be imported from overseas. Therefore, the market in Thailand and neighboring markets in the region are huge with unlimited opportunities for new business development.