Exhibit Profile

Nonwovens (by Manufacturing Process)

Spunbonded (including SM, SMS, SMMS, etc.), thermobonded, spunlaced, meltblown, airlaid, chemical bonding, needlepunched, wetlaid, composites / laminated and other structures

Mechanical Equipment:

Nonwoven manufacturing machines (web molding preparation machines, web laying machines, web bonding machines, etc), reprocessing equipment, absorbent hygiene products converting machinery, tissue/wipe converting machinery, coating and laminating equipment, prefabricated core equipment, hot melt adhesive machines and ultrasonic welding machinery.

Disposable Medical Hygiene Products:

Surgical dressings, patches, surgical suits, surgical sheets, surgical masks, nursing pads, and inspection pads.

Disposable Hygiene Products:

Feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinent products, pet-use products, wet and dry wipes, and facial masks.

Packaging Equipment:

Packaging machines, bagging machines, wrapping machines, manipulators and robots.

Raw Materials:

Fiber and filament, film, perforated film, elastic film, pulp, fluff pulp, polymer chips and particles, super absorption polymer (SAP), hot melt adhesive, adhesives, latex, foam materials, chemical additive, surface treatment chemicals, tape, elastic band, magic tape, release paper (film), others.

Tissue Paper:

Parents rolls, toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, and kitchen towels.

Other Equipment:

Test equipment and instruments, on-line monitoring and inspection system, auxiliary production equipment, waste treatment equipment.