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Reifenhäuser REICOFIL will provide a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments. High loft nonwovens for ultimate softness; Reicofil 5 being the latest generation of technology and Reicofil Smart, the solution for smaller capacity production needs.

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The brand SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT appears as SAUERESSIG Surfaces on the market. As leading international supplier along the pre-press stage as well as rotogravure and embossing cylinders, SAUERESSIG Surfaces offers a strong technical expertise in the field of surface design.

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Europlasma is world leader in low pressure plasma which is an unique technology to deposit ultra-thin coatings on technical media like nonwovens, membranes, mesh or nanofibers. Our Nanofics coatings are used to add new functionalities such as hydrophilic, hydrophobic or oleophobic and are deposit in a cost effective way, with a process that is completely dry and has minor influence on the pressure drop.  The coatings can be applied on finished elements or in a roll-to-roll fashion.

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Many nonwoven products, such as wet wipes, baby diapers and others, are supposed to get in touch with the human skin while they are used. Consumers are more and more interested in how comfortable these products feel and base their purchase decision on this quality parameter. Depending on the application, a certain softness, smoothness and flexibility of the product is expected. The calculation happens by the help of different algorithms, which are market and application specific and correlate up to almost 100 percent with the human expectation.

From entry level to highest performance. Optima offers packaging machines tailored to all kind of needs. The systems package various types and product formations of nonwovens products, including diapers, disposable pants, sanitary napkins, panty liners and tissue products.

Focus on wet tissue industry mechanical manufacturing and automation. Design and develop intelligent factory. Manufacturer of full automatic wet wipes machinery: converting & flow packaging machine, multi-pack packing machine, lid applicator, case packer, palletizer and automatic facial mask production line.

Silky Soft SSS Nonwoven (13-20gsm):
Excellent fluffy softness like hot-air-through nonwoven, providing tender care for the baby delicate skin. It is widely used in waistband of training pants and backsheetlamination.

Hydrophilic SSMMS Core Wrap (10-13gsm):
High barrier property effectively prevents SAP powder leakage; Diffuse type hydrophilic technology allows liquid to be transported and distributed more uniformly.

Products : 
    (1)Hot-Air-Through     (2)Calender Bond     (3)Air-Laid     (4)Melt Blown     (5)Spunlace     (6)Elastic NW
2.Sanitary Napkin
3.Maternity Pad
4.Wet Wipe
5.Disposable Baby Diaper
6.Disposable Adult Diaper,
7.Insert Diaper
9.Cosmetic Puff
10.Face Mask.

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A. Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Hygiene Series.
B. Color Printed PE Film Hygiene Series.
1. Masterbatch / PE Breathable Film Compound Chips.
2. Breathable / Non-breathable PE film.
3. Partial / Full PE laminated Film.
4. Full-Color Printed Film.

Products : 
1.    Spunlace Fabric,
2.    High-Tech Spunlace for Medical Surgical Gowns & Drapes, High-End Low-lint Wipes
3.    Thermal Bond, Air-Through Nonwoven. 
4.    Baby Wet Wipes
5.    Facial Mask, Mask-up Removal, Cosmetic Cream, Cosmetic Lotion
6.Household Wipes, Flooring Wipes

Complete lines for top-quality spunlaced wipes, pads, medical and technical textiles.  Efficient solutions for through-air and chemical bonded hygiene nonwovens.

Proven machinery for fiber opening/blending, web forming, web bonding as well as for drying and winding out of one hand.

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Our nonwoven products include polyester-based spunbond products and cotton-based spunlace products. Unitika leads the industry, holding top market share in Asia for both of these product categories. Spunbond products are used in agricultural and civil engineering materials, as a base fabric for roofing and carpet and in automotive parts while spunlace products are found in skin care products, cloth wipes and in the medical field.  It is important that we develop new applications for nonwovens, a product that has continued to grow as a replacement for more conventional materials. In the years to come, Unitika is committed to new product development with our sights firmly on bringing new products to market based on further collaboration.

Our binder fibers provide various performance on non-woven sheet for more comfortable hygiene products. Products: Binder fiber lineup for hygiene

  1. Hydrophobic type
  2. Hydrophilic type
  3. Durable Hydrophilic type
  4. Micro type
  5. Full Dull and Super Full Dull type
  6. ECOPET® type for sustainable
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Nordson’s portfolio of variation management tools enables measurement and control of adhesive delivery and distribution to optimize your adhesive application. The ability to measure, understand and improve is at the core of OptiBond™ solutions, helping manufacturers of disposable hygiene articles: improve product quality, reduce material waste, optimize adhesive use, increase production efficiency. Sophisticated closed-loop control compares real-time measured material delivery to production requirements and automatically adjusts output to minimize difference, improving system performance.